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First African Presbyterian Church (now New River Presbyterian Church)

4159 W. Girard Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19104



Rev. Eustacia Marshall


First African Presbyterian Church (now New River Presbyterian Church) focuses on their community and has developed outreach programs that truly seek to end the root causes of violence. The congregation works in collaboration with partners at the University of Pennsylvania schools of nursing, medicine, and social work to provide free primary care services to the community. As part of the United Community Clinics (UCC), every Monday, the church becomes a hospital. First African Presbyterian Church provides a space for a local Narcotics Anonymous group to meet on a weekly basis.


Several NA members have since joined the congregation and some have taken on leadership roles including becoming ordained as elders and deacons. The church hosts a Men’s Group each week. Many of the men who attend the group didn’t/don’t have fathers in their lives and are seeking a safe space to connect with other men and ask questions about race, masculinity, fatherhood, emotional health, etc. Once per week, First African Presbyterian Church hosts a free lunch and bible discussion. The church leadership has worked to make the lunches more welcoming to the community by creating an atmosphere that’s rooted in fellowship.



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