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Each Tuesday, February 22 - March 29

7:00 - 9:00 pm

In this six-session, interactive community experience, participants will take time to explore their own stories and the influence of life, experience, culture, race, spirituality, and social context.


Shining a light on our own faith, race, and cultural stories can help us better understand our neighbor and overcome difference and separation.  Cultivating a rich understanding of our unique identities helps us become more effective leaders, facilitators, and participants in all walks of life.

Note:  This is a space to begin to explore these dynamics, their intersectionality, and how they impact our lives (not a comprehensive survey).  Expect to go deep.  This is a program to support deep reflection, introspection and to cultivate deeper engagement with others. 

Meet The Facilitators

Rev. Dr. Phaedra Blocker
Trina_s Head Shot- Original size.jpg
Trina Gary, M.Ed.
Registration Form

For more information, please contact Bronwen Henry:


This program is part of our brand new Leadership Institute of Interfaith Philadelphia, home for all things professional / personal development.

The Institute includes all of the workshops that you know and love, plus new opportunities to explore, learn, and practice!  Download a fall program calendar and keep reading to learn more about our program PATHWAYS!


Don’t know where to go from here?  Let the pathways be your guide!  Each program here utilizes skill-building, dialogue, and knowledge teaching, but you may be interested in focusing on one or more of these areas this fall.  Check out the example pathways below for ideas, and click on the underlined names to register for more upcoming programs!

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