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Diane Pak

Summer Intern

Diane Pak’s ethnicity is Cambodian, Thai, Indian, and European. She’s a first-generation American who was raised as an independent and strong woman by her parents who were born and raised in Cambodia.  Diane’s lifelong lessons and determination came from where she was born and raised, Southwest Philadelphia, which is one of the more impoverished areas in Philadelphia.


She is also one of the first from her family to attend college. Diane is an alumni of the Community College of Philadelphia where she studied Psychology. She transferred to Brigham Young University-Pathways Worldwide Online program where she is studying General Studies.  As a child, Diane was raised in the Buddhist faith but converted to Christianity later in her life. She became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints about six years ago.

Diane is a volunteer for Public Health Young Leaders Association in Philadelphia and with Student with Psychosis located worldwide. She is also one of the creative ambassadors for Campus Philly. She lives in North Philly while attending school online. 

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