Dani Hobbs

Community Programs Student Coordinator

Dani is currently pursuing her Master's of Divinity with a concentration in Social Justice Advocacy at Drew Theological School. She received her B.A. in Documentary Studies and Production and a minor in Sociology from Ithaca College. After undergraduate school, she spent two years serving with a gap year program, first in Houston and then in Philadelphia. During her time in Philadelphia, Dani worked with the marketing department at Esperanza, a nonprofit in the Hunting Park neighborhood. 


Whether through film or writing, Dani is passionate about storytelling and the power it has to bring people together and inspire people toward change. Her senior thesis was a documentary about the refugee population in Buffalo, NY and the ways they contribute to the economic development of the city as a whole. The film won a Director's Guild of America student award, and has since been screened in various locations in order to raise awareness and understanding around the complexities of the refugee crisis. 


When she's writing papers for seminary or producing video projects as a freelance filmmaker, Dani enjoys hiking, hosting people for meals, watching the Philadelphia Eagles, and baking.