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St. James United Methodist Church  199 E Tabor Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19120

(215)- 329-2851

Contact: Rev. Dr. John T. Brice, Sr. 

St. James United Methodist Church (SOLID ROCK) is an oasis in North Philadelphia’s Olney neighborhood, which is known as a haven for residents from all walks of life. The church is a true community anchor, located on over an acre of lush greenspace. The congregation has drawn in residents, neighborhood groups, and businesses of all ages through a welcoming demeanor and openness to new partnerships.

The church is located on a large greenspace, was well positioned to act as a model for youth urban farming in Philadelphia. A series of raised beds were built on the church’s campus with a substantial amount of help from the eager students of Olney Elementary. The congregation offers opportunities for worship, prayer, and fellowship, plus programs such free after school activities, movie nights, grief and bereavement ministry, women’s ministry, and African art and culture events. Their motto is: Love God / Love People // Serve God / Serve People.  

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