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Philadelphia Cathedral (Episcopal)  

19 S 38th St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Offices: 3717 Chestnut Street, Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19104)

Contact: The Rev. Canon Tyrone Fowlkes

(215)- 386-0234 ext. 19



Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral is a welcoming and affirming community who gathers in the name of Jesus Christ to give thanks and praise to God, and to serve the community around us.

Our doors are open to feed the hungry, to pray, to be inspired by the arts and to learn as we come closer to God's creative, healing spirit.


The Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral is a place of unconditional hospitality, and we want to help you find a home among us.


Many come through our doors seeking something more: A way to serve, or to be challenged in their developing faith, or to find solace and relief. Many come seeking caring community or a way that is different from the harsh materialism of the world.

Whatever your reason, know that you, your questions, and your journey will be honored and respected.



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