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Nationalities Service Center

1216 Arch St. 4th Floor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19107

(610) -212-1437


Gwen Soffer, Manager of Wellness


As the systemic violence of war, poverty, climate change, and the rise of authoritarianism cause millions of people to migrate hoping for peace, still more seek refuge because of family dysfunction and personal threats to their safety.  Each year NSC serves over 5,000 immigrants, refugees, and survivors in the Philadelphia region and beyond. NSC recognizes their needs and responds compassionately, each effort a path toward peace and an intervention in cycles of violence. Its programs are comprehensive and staffed by competent and caring persons – many with the personal experience of being a refugee or immigrant to our region. 


NSC provides comprehensive services and supports including legal protections and remedies, health and wellness, education, and employment services and language access. With a steadfast commitment to equity, healing, and peace, NSC's work is deeply rooted in non-violence. NSC clients have survived many levels of trauma pre-journey, during journey, and post resettling in the U.S. NSC's trauma-informed, strengths-based, and client-centered services are designed to mitigate these past traumas and injustices and pave the way for the establishment of a new life grounded in peace.


What makes NSC unique among the many organizations seeking to address the challenges faced by immigrants and refugees? 

  • The size of NSC’s staff: 125;  

  • the number of immigrants and refugees served: 5,000 per year; 

  • The number of immigrants and refugees resettled locally: 600; 

  • the severity of the challenges faced by immigrants and refugees; 

  • the number of partner organizations collaborating with NSC (among them some familiar to Zones of Peace and the Religious Leaders Council: HIAS, Catholic Charities, New Sanctuary Movement, Victim / Witness Services of South Philadelphia, and denominational programs;) 

  • and the ability of NSC to handle such large numbers and remain focused on the unique needs and gifts each client brings to Philadelphia.

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