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Arch Street Friends Meeting

320 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

(215)- 625-0627



The Clerk of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee

Arch Street Friends Meeting 


We gather in worshipful silence, intending to open ourselves wholly to the Divine Spirit, which we believe is within and beyond each person. Our worship has no human leader and no planned program. Sometimes no words are spoken; sometimes a person is led to minister vocally.



Each person present contributes to the depth of worship we reach as a group. The meeting ends, usually after about an hour, by the shaking of hands initiated by persons appointed to do so, from our Worship and Ministry committee.

In cooperation with Old First Reformed UCC Congregation, our meeting members and attenders cook dinner at Old First Reformed UCC"s social hall. Since 1984, the church has sponsored a men's shelter during the winter months. For several years, a group of MMFP volunteers have taken on the responsibility of shopping and cooking a dinner for the men's evening meal. 

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