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The George W. South Memorial Church of the Advocate (Episcopal)

801 Diamond St.

Philadelphia, PA 19121


The Rev. Carol Anthony

(215)- 798-8000


The George W. South Memorial Church of the Advocate (Episcopal) has been on the forefront of peace and justice issues in their community and in the entire region for more than half a century. They provide food and other services to the unemployed and the working poor in their neighborhood. The congregation’s soup kitchen has been in operation for 40 years and serves 75-125 people 10 meals a week. Those present for meals are treated to speakers, personal attention to help locate other resources they might use, and the building of community around principles of peace and respect. The Food Cupboard and Clothes Closet supply those in need. 35 children and youth participate in an afterschool program, making use of classrooms and a fabulous gymnasium. They also provide hospitality for many community groups committed to dealing with peace and justice issues.


Organizations such as ArtWell, Mighty Writers, Arts for All, plus volunteer coaches from the neighborhood, and partnerships with schools contribute to the after school programming. The Advocate Center for Culture and Education oversees the program, which includes a meal, academics, art, drama, and sports. There is also a summer program for neighborhood children and youth. All the programs are governed by a “code of conduct” demanding respect for each person and finding non-violent solutions to conflict. The Church of the Advocate is a Welcoming Community that stands up for the rights of those who are marginalized or discriminated against.



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