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PO Box 60095

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102


Executive Director: Adam Garber     


The mission of CeaseFirePA is to end the epidemic of gun violence across the Commonwealth and our country through education, coalition building, and advocacy. CeaseFirePA is a trusted voice and resource for the public, the media, and policy makers on gun violence and gun violence prevention. It works to convince Pennsylvanians to identify gun violence prevention as a top concern and persuade leaders and public policy makers to give this issue the attention it deserves.


During its 20 years of existence, CFPA has grown to become a formidable and effective force for preventing gun violence and responding to those affected by it. CFPA works with local leaders who have the power and skills to change individual lives through compassionate relationships. CFPA and its 40 partner organizations seek to make neighborhoods safer. They use aggressive efforts to educate the public. By emphasizing the life-ending or life-changing impact of gun violence and the tragic numbers of those killed or hurt by gun violence, they bring the urgency of the issue to the fore. They advocate for public policies and legislation with elected and appointed leaders in city, state, and national governmental units. 

While Zones of Peace recognizes there are many forms of violence, gun violence is the most obvious to the media and public. Guns kill and maim people who are suicidal, victims of domestic abuse, robberies, road rage, school shootings, and other crimes. Zones of Peace is pleased to honor CeaseFirePA for its comprehensive and collaborative efforts to address the root causes of violence and create more peaceful communities. 

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