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Betül Maden-Yilmaz

Betül, a first-generation immigrant who grew up in the beautifully diverse city of NY, possesses a deep passion for interfaith relations that has guided her throughout her academic journey. She holds a bachelor's degree from Hunter College CUNY, where she pursued a double major in Religious Studies and English Literature. Eager to delve further into the intersection of religion and education, Betül is currently pursuing a Master of Theological Studies at Harvard Divinity School.

With an unwavering commitment to interfaith affairs, Betül is thrilled to embark on an exciting internship opportunity at Interfaith Philadelphia, where she aims to apply her skills and gain valuable practical experience. Her passion lies in religious literacy, and she intends to make significant contributions to the organization's success in the youth work programs. Additionally, Betül aspires to further her career in teaching and interfaith affairs.

Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Betül finds joy in traveling and cherishing quality moments with her loved ones, and her cat, Honey, who will not leave her side.

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