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Art of Interfaith Understanding

First offered in December 2014, Art of Interfaith Understanding is a Dare to Understand series dedicated to exploring art and religion at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Past themes include:


  • Art Serving Faith: Six Traditions

  • The Christmas Story in Art

  • Remembrance and Liberation: Images of Passover and Holy Week

  • Prayerful Looking: Art and Spirituality

  • Art from the World's Religions

  • Do You See What I See? Interfaith Conversations at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

  • Nature's Revelations in Religious Art


All events are guided by Rev. John B. Hougen, PhD, a consultant with Interfaith Philadelphia and a docent at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. For more information or to schedule similar events for groups of 6 to 15, please contact John at


“Our guide, John, took care to create a diverse tour addressing art from all across the globe. His knowledge and insight into each piece that we visited was world class, and I learned just as much from the fantastic discussion that emerged from our tour group as I did from him.”

– Participant, Art of Interfaith Understanding: The Sacred in Secular Art

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