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Amparo de la Ninez

107 E. Luray St.

Philadelphia, PA 19120



Felipe Castro

(215) 324-2919




Amparo de la Ninez (Children's Safe Harbor) was founded in 1988 by Felipe and Myrtha Castro, who felt called by God to this ministry. They are the heart and soul of Amparo: devout Pentecostal Christians guided by their faith in all they do. The programming is distinctively Christian though children “from all denominations” are welcome. No one is turned away.  Amparo is dedicated to promoting the welfare of children in North and Northeast Philadelphia. Amparo de la Ninez seeks to eliminate juvenile delinquency, poverty and other social ills by providing a safe harbor for children. Serving children ages four through twelve, the organization provides an after-school program and a Saturday club where children can explore educational activities and arts, participate in a choir, use computers, and have safe opportunities for recreation and cultural field trips.


Amparo offers after school tutoring during the week, games, drama, sports, and professional counseling for children and their families. Mission trips have taken children and adults to several states, plus Costa Rica, Honduras, and Puerto Rico. Amparo de la Ninez offers an alternative to the streets and endeavors to be a place of love, peace and education for children.



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