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Our Alumni Committee consists of alumni from all of our programs and is only about a year old. We are still in the process of shaping it based on Alumni feedback. We held an Alumni Walk last fall, and currently have structured small groups such as a book club and lecture/panel series. We hope to hold another meeting with the whole committee soon to plan our next steps forward!

Alumni Committee Programs Include

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In the Travel With Others (TWO) Program, we will connect you with someone from a different religious or spiritual background from yourself (participation dependent). You and your "buddy" can invite each other into each other’s homes (virtually or otherwise, if safe), get to know each other, and become buddies! We recommend meeting once a month and will give you a prompt to discuss, though it is up to you and your TWO pair how often you meet and what you discuss. Every so often, we will host a gathering for all buddies to come and share their experience, meet other TWO pairs, and celebrate the TWO Program. We are currently planning our next gathering for the end of summer. If you are interested in joining the TWO program, the next step would be to fill out this form so we can pair you with your buddy.

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Bridges Book Club provides an opportunity to dive deeper into interfaith questions with others who are just as curious as you are. There are monthly meetings, where we read and discuss books that explore the many questions of religion. Meeting dates are scheduled around holidays of all faith traditions.

If you have any questions, contact Cat D'Angelo at

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