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Al Aqsa Islamic Society

1501 N. Germantown Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19122



Imam Mohamed Shehata

(215)- 765-6660



Al Aqsa Islamic Society encompasses a mosque, school, grocery and sundry store, community center, playground, and the adjacent community of Muslims, Arabs, and others with which it mutually interacts. Al Aqsa has regularly sought to engage with those from all backgrounds, cultures, and faiths and opened its doors to host and feed them as they share in Al Aqsa's efforts to build peace and understanding among their diverse faith traditions. It reaches out to the community, (new immigrants to our region, neighbors of the Masjid, other organizations, and the community at large) in peace and seeks a peaceful resolution to issues as they arise. Al Aqsa has a reputation in the neighborhood as a welcoming place full of loving people who are teaching respect.


Al Aqsa has been involved with the Interfaith Walk for Peace and Reconciliation (a Zone of Peace) since its inception a dozen years ago, and Al Aqsa hosts monthly meetings for planning the Peace Walk and related events. The school, which has approximately 200 students, has participated in Walking the Walk (a Zone of Peace) providing a vibrant Muslim presence in this Interfaith initiative which brings together high school students to grow in their appreciation for diverse religious traditions, develop leadership skills, and cooperate in community service. The Al Aqsa Youth Club helps with outreach to the community via an annual neighborhood “paint day.” In the aftermath of a desecration of their sacred space, Al Aqsa opened its doors and hearts to those had shown their support and solidarity, to truly create a "zone of peace."



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